About Me

I am a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist working with pre-school and school-age children with speech, language and communication needs.

I specialise in speech sound disorders / articulation impairments and have a keen interest in early childhood dysfluency (stammering). I am based in Surbiton but can offer assessment and therapy at home, nursery or school within the boroughs of Kingston and Richmond.

I have two young children of my own and appreciate the need for joint working with parents, including setting relevant and timely targets that are ‘do-able’. In addition I like to make links with nursery/school, if applicable, so that staff there are able to offer support and carry-over of targets in those settings.

I aim to make therapy fun, motivating and rewarding for my clients so that progress is made.


“Katie is a true professional and an expert in her field. She works very well with children due to her patient and approachable nature, ensuring the therapy sessions are both fun and appropriately challenging. Katie is well-organised, prepares well and follows up with comprehensive reports on progress and clear target setting. I can honestly say that Katie’s commitment to my son over an extended period has made a real difference to him and we will always be grateful to her. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone looking for a Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist.” Suzanne

"Katie is an extremely competent and knowledgeable therapist with a specialism in the assessment and therapy of children with motor speech disorders. She has provided specialist second opinions and support to the therapists in the team and presented training in her specialist area which has been well received. She has co-presented training on a number of occasions with co-workers in the Local Authority...Katie has developed a breadth of knowledge over the years in speech, language and communication impairments.” NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service Manager

“We cannot imagine where we would be without Katie. Our son was increasingly frustrated and angry at not being understood. Through regular weekly sessions with Katie he developed his speech sounds and confidence to such a point that we and all of our family and friends continually remark on his enormous progress. Daily talking practice was made so much easier as Katie provided endless games to play and was always very clever at bringing favourite TV characters and toys into our sessions. We will forever be grateful to Katie for her professional, dedicated and highly skillful approach. She is an outstanding speech therapist!” Lou

"Katie Yoe is extremely efficient and organised. The children have great fun with her, whilst gaining so much from her. They do very well under her guidance and make great progress. She is on the ball and extremely helpful." Head Teacher, Pre-Prep School.